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HANS INTERNATIONAL Frequently asked questions

On receipt of your new HANS INTERNATIONAL, you should remove them from their boxes and examine them under magnification to be assured they are in perfect condition *. Once you have examined and are happy with the instruments they should be cleaned carefully.

*In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your instruments in any way you should notify us immediately on +92 311 7975075 or email: 

Instruments should be stored in an appropriate microsurgical instrument tray. During surgery, care should be taken not to touch the tips of the instruments either with gloves, the trolley cover or other instruments as this might lead to damage or blunting. When not in actual use, the instruments should be returned to the storage tray where they are protected.

Immediately, after use, all instruments in the surgical tray should be wiped clean with a sterile, fiber free, instrument wipe moistened in demineralized/sterile water. Cannula, suction tubes and other instruments with a lumen should be flushed through immediately after use. Demineralized/sterile water used for flushing should be cool to avoid coagulation of proteinaceous material. Diamond Knives require special care

At the end of surgery, all instruments in the surgical tray should be wiped clean immediately with a fiber free instrument wipe moistened in demineralized/sterile water. All cannulated instruments must be ultrasonically flushed or brushed through with an appropriate cleaning brush. Ultrasonic cleaning for 5 – 10 minutes with a neutral pH ultrasonic cleaning solution is recommended for thorough cleaning of almost all ophthalmic instruments. To prevent ion transfer, instruments should be sorted according to their material and type. Titanium and stainless steel should not be mixed in the same ultrasonic cleaning cycle. Instruments must be completely free of moisture before sterilization.

Instruments should be secured in specially designed microsurgical trays. It is extremely important that the instruments are held securely and do not touch one another which might result in damage.  Ensure that cutting edges are protected. Please note that descriptions of trays often state the number of instruments that they can hold, this is a recommendation only as instruments come in a variety of sizes and shapes and it is up to the individual to ensure that the tray is not overcrowded. Wrap trays using an appropriate method. Ensure instruments are dry before storage, and stored in a dry, clean condition.

Applying a small amount of surgical grade lubrication oil to hinges, joints and moving parts will reduce wear and protect your instruments.

Yes, they can and who better to repair them than the skilled craftsmen who make them?   HANS INTERNATIONAL 

Yes, they can, both stainless steel and titanium scissors can be re-sharpened.
Please note that HANS recommend that when choosing scissors, you should pick those made of stainless steel as they will keep sharp for longer than those made of titanium. 
Scissors returned for sharpening should be treated the same as instrument repairs. 

HANS INTERNATIONAL is committed to working with surgeons in the creation of new instruments to support changes in surgery and the development of new surgical techniques. Please contact us on info@hanssurgical.com  or +92 311 7975075.

If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us, and you will be put through to the appropriate person to discuss your idea in complete confidence.

Yes, HANS INTERNATIONAL sell their quality instruments throughout the world using local distributors who understand fully the requirements of their surgeons and hospitals.

HANS INTERNATIONAL is able to offer a complete instrument engraving service. Bar coding and/or other hospital individual hospital identification can be laser engraved onto each instrument for complete traceability and audit purposes. To discuss your requirements please contact us at info@hanssurgical.com or +92 311 7975075

Please note that all HANS instruments already have the individual instrument code engraved on them for identification.

HANS INTERNATIONAL is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Surgical, beauty and precision instruments servicing leading Thailand and European healthcare markets. HANS supplies it’s good to Private and Public Hospitals, healthcare trust, Dental hospitals, Veterinary Practices, Beauty surgeons. HANS has a Global reputation for Quality, excellence and Outstanding service. Our Products comprise of instruments used in various surgical disciplines ranging from ENT, Gynecology, Orthopedic instruments and implants, Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Urology, Intestinal, Proctology and many more. HANS adheres to strict compliance with, Japanese, British, European and International Quality management Standards.

HANS INTERNATIONAL instruments are mainly manufactured from either stainless steel or titanium. Whilst many designs are well established, new instruments are being developed all the time to meet the demands of modern surgery. For more information about the manufacture, design and handling of HANS INTERNATIONAL instruments, visit our website hanssurgical.com.